Most travel-savvy couples who are fans of the Caribbean are familiar with the very famous Waldorf Astoria’s El Conquistador Resort on the eastern end of Puerto Rico. It’s known for its golf course, cliff-side views, and the tram that takes you down to the ferry to the hotel’s private Palomino Island.

Palomino Island is only accessible to guests of Waldorf-Astoria El Conquistador Resort, and those with private boats

You may have heard that the beaches in Puerto Rico are not private – and that’s true. But Palomino Island is private up to the high water mark, and by sunset, any random day-trippers on private boats have hauled anchor and are headed back to the big island. That means that if you’re lucky enough to get married at El Conquistador and you want to get married on your own private island, you can totally do it.

There’s a very Gilligan’s Island sorta feel to the general setup on Palomino, but the event coordinators in-house at the hotel say that you can do just about anything you want on Palomino, as long as you can afford it. So if something fancy with all the bells and whistles suits your taste, go for it! But if you’ve got a smaller budget, have a sunset ceremony on the private island then entertain your guests back at the main resort with a reception at one of a number of different venue options.

El Conquistador has a complimentary ferry for guests to travel to their private Palomino Island

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Until next time, happy wedding planning!