Tina and Melissa want to DIY a lot of the parts of their big day when they hired me to plan their destination wedding on Vieques Island in October. They’re both good organizers, and crafty, but they needed somebody to put together the wedding they envisioned thousands of miles away from home.

They’re the kind of women who would have planned their own wedding if they’d been getting married at home. But because they lived in Las Vegas, they opted to turn over the heavy lifting to the professionals (that’s me and my team). But they still found a way to personalize multiple aspects of their wedding day.

They made their own signs, with a little help from an artistic friend.

And they made their own very personalized wedding favors. They bought airplane bottles of their favorite, Fireball, and a handful of other poisons to satisfy every guest. They tied creative messages onto the bottles. We had them on ice in a tin pail at the ceremony, and then after they finished their formal photos, the entire group did a toast.

Because it was a tropical wedding, they stuck to seashells for the wedding decor. We sprinkled miniature shells, and starfish, down the center of the long dinner tables, and the wedding cake featured an edible sugar shell display that was fun and yummy.

Their wedding was planned by my team, and the reception was catered on the upper deck of a waterfront restaurant. But there were so many personalized elements to the day that both women felt comfortable they’d truly put their own stamp on the party.

Tina and Melissa showing off their rings

Wedding favors, welcome baskets, and table decor are all easy ways to put your mark on the wedding and reception. Consider personalizing cocktail napkins or beverage ware if you want to do something more. Handmade place cards are gorgeous but be sure to bring along a few blank extras in case something changes and you need to make a fix!

Until next time, happy wedding planning!