Author: Sandy Malone

EXCLUSIVE: Bride and Groom Shamed by Breastfeeding Wedding Guest Give First Interview

What would you do if, two weeks after your perfect dream wedding, you opened up your Facebook to see that the Best Man’s wife has made a breastfeeding meme complaining about you? Better yet, that meme has gone completely viral. In the literal sense. Worldwide. But let me back up and start at the beginning, from the bride’s perspective. Because every publication in the world has picked up this story and not one single member of the press has contacted the bride and groom for comment before publishing. And that’s not fair. Groom Garrett and best man Justin have been bffs since...

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Hurricane Maria Devastates Tiny Vieques Island and Help Is Needed

Vieques Island, Puerto Rico was whacked at Category 5 by Hurricane Maria. This little island is located seven miles of the eastern coast of Puerto Rico. And I’ve planned more than 500 beautiful weddings for amazing brides and grooms there. After Hurricane Maria, much of the “jewel of the Spanish Virgin Islands” has been destroyed. Oh, we will rebuild. Vieques was flattened by Hurricane Huge in 1989. And although Maria was a stronger storm, post-Hugo most people rebuilt with concrete houses. Yes, Hurricane Maria destroyed many homes on Vieques, but not as many as her notorious predecessor. Why isn’t...

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Thousands of Weddings Cancelled Due to Hurricane Damage

Thousands of weddings are being cancelled in the wake of a hurricane this week. Hundreds of weddings were cancelled last week and the week before in the wake of another hurricane. It’s historic to have two Category 4 hurricanes make landfall in the United States in the same season. And it’s total chaos for brides and grooms. Mother Nature has disrupted wedding plans all over the United States and the Caribbean this fall, and she’s showing very little mercy. Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on anybody getting married on the Texas coastline. Hurricane Irma barreled her way through the Caribbean,...

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How to Write Your Wedding Vows

Why do so many couples put off writing their wedding vows? No, seriously, the wedding vows are literally one of the most procrastinated about items on the entire wedding planning list, with the DJ playlist running a close second. But aren’t the wedding vows one of the most important elements of the big day? Aren’t those vows you’re exchanging really what the wedding is all about? It’s easy to get bogged down in the minutia of wedding planning. Dress shopping, cake tasting, and choosing your flowers and décor are far more entertaining tasks than sitting down with paper and...

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Plus-Size Wedding Gown Shopping Tips

Everybody pretends that wedding gown shopping is super fun for brides, but that’s especially untrue for many plus-size brides. Plus-size wedding gown shopping can be a nightmare. The vast majority of bridal shops only carry wedding gown samples in a bridal size 8, which is a real life US size 4. That makes dress shopping for regular-sized people a challenge. Imagine how plus-size brides feel! My Own Plus-Size Wedding Gown Shopping Experience First off, let me tell you that I know what I’m talking about. I had the most horrendous plus-size wedding gown shopping experience as a plus-size bride...

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