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DIY Wedding Centerpiece – Roses & Orchids

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to a DIY wedding centerpiece using roses and orchids – it looks super rich, but it’s not terribly expensive. Supplies: Oasis bricks Floral knife Vases Roses Orchids (I used the Mokara variety here, but you could easily substitute Dendrobiums, or mini Cymbidiums) The easiest DIY floral centerpieces to create involve using a brick of oasis in the base of the arrangement. If your vases are clear glass, you can easily hide the oasis (and lots of other flaws below) by wrapping Ti leaves or Ginger leaves around the inside of the vase. Step One:...

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How to Keep Lilies Clean for the Bridal Bouquet

Hey everybody! Lilies are crazy popular in bouquets, but they’re not the easiest for DIY bridal bouquets. Fresh lilies can be tricky to work with because of the goopy yellow pollen on the stamens in the center of the flowers. Here’s the thing, those anthers (that’s what the sacs that hold the pollen to the stamen are called) aren’t sticky and goopy when the flower first begins to bloom. If you can catch them as the petals begin to open, it’s easy to remove all the anthers before they make a mess. White lilies are the most difficult to...

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How to DIY Wedding Centerpieces Using Orchids

Hey there DIY Brides and Grooms! Last weekend, we planned a destination wedding on Vieques Island for Holly and Nimit from Michigan. The centerpieces were quick and easy to assemble, so I though they’d make a good DIY tutorial to share with you. These can be made up to two days in advance, but be warned, the dye in the orchids WILL (not may) bleed into the water in the vases. If you’re good with that, go for it. Otherwise, choose a natural orchid color instead of using the Blue Boms, or wait to make them up the night...

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Take an Engagement Honeymoon – Don’t Rush Wedding Planning

Happy New Year Everybody! What’s my New Year’s resolution? I’m going to write more for my own blog. I’ve been so busy writing for The Huffington Post and BRIDES that I don’t often sit down and just write for my site anymore. And I miss that. And while I love being a contributor to those worthy sites, writing for myself is a lot more fun. I’m continuing to blog for Huff and BRIDES in 2017, but I’m also going to make a concerted effort to publish more original content (much of it focused on DIY brides and grooms). So make sure to bookmark my page and come back regularly. Also, don’t forget to check out my podcast “Wedding Reality Check with Sandy Malone.” I’m doing all sorts of useful interviews with vendors, in addition to giving my regular tips and advice, so it’s well worth following me on iTunes or iHeart radio. You’re probably reading this blog because you got engaged between Thanksgiving and New Year’s – or you’re expecting a ring by Valentine’s Day. Right? Congratulations! It’s exciting, it’s new, and it’s a fun time. Enjoy the honeymoon. No, seriously. Take your time, have fun showing off your ring (and make sure you get regular manicures, for God’s sake), and don’t rush to lock in your wedding date right away. There are five things that you shouldn’t do...

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Why Putting Off Your Wedding Homework Is a Bad Idea – Sandy’s Blog in The Huffington Post

Hi there brides and grooms! Okay, let’s get really, really honest here. Are you a procrastinator? Do you have a tendancy to pay bills late even though you have the money? Do you scramble to shop a week before Christmas? If so, wedding planning homework is going to be a challenge for you. But if you don’t do it when it’s assigned, it sets off a chain reaction that drives your wedding vendors nuts. Lots of the time, the procrastination during wedding planning is due to a couples’ inability to make decision. To actually choose a cake flavor, flowers, music for the ceremony, etc. Doesn’t matter what the problem is, the delay in completing assigned tasks will throw off everything else, and end up stressing out the happy couple the week before the wedding. Check out my Huffington Post blog about why being a procrastinating bride and groom is a bad idea. Don’t put off til next year what you could finish today. Send everything to your wedding planner by deadline! Good luck and happy wedding planning!...

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