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Tune In to Hear Sandy LIVE Tuesday on “Shrink Wrap” with Dr. Jane Greer

Hey Brides and Grooms! I’ll be LIVE on Shrink Wrap hosted by Dr. Jane Greer, author of multiple books about sex, relationships, and families, on Tuesday afternoon, May 23rd, at 2:30 pm Eastern. We’ll be talking celebrities, weddings, and reality TV – I’ve got some stuff to say about the new shows I’m covering for Monsters and Critics, and I always love to hear what Dr. Greer has to say about the crazy reality TV relationships. Just click here to get to HealthyLife.Net – and then choose to listen LIVE! I hope you’ll join us! Until next time, happy...

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How Many Consultations Should You Expect with a Wedding Caterer – Sandy’s Blog in BRIDES

A caterer’s time is worth money to them, but they have to put out a certain amount up front to book your business. How many consultations should a bride and groom reasonably expect to receive before they actually sign the contract, and pay a deposit? Check out my blog in BRIDES today with a breakdown of what you should expect the process of working with a caterer to be. If you know what they’re supposed to provide, you won’t be disappointed when the experience isn’t what you’d always imagined (no jacketed waiters will be serving you 100 tiny bites,...

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Don’t Micromanage Your Wedding Vendors

Quick lesson… If you really feel the need to control every little aspect of your wedding like the ultimate Bridezilla, consider DIYing every aspect of your wedding so you don’t drive a bunch of vendors to the edge trying not to kill you. When you spend the money to hire professional vendors to make your big day run smoothly, you have to sit back and trust them (at least a little) to deliver the top-notch service they’re known for. Check out my BRIDES blog with some suggestions of specific things NOT TO DO when you’re working with professional wedding...

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The True Meaning Behind Lighting the White House Blue – Sandy’s Blog in The Huffington Post

It’s is Police Week, and today is National Peace Officers’ Memorial Day. Never heard of it? You’re not alone. But you’ve probably heard about them lighting the White House up in BLUE tonight. I am a cop wife. I am unapologeticly pro-police. And it’s terrified me to watch what the last administration did to undermine respect and authority of police officers, nationwide. Today, President Trump spoke to law enforcement officers from all over the country, and reiterated a bunch of promises he made during the campaign. Social media was all atwitter with the news that he was going to...

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5 Celebrity Weddings to Watch Out for in 2017

Several celebrities and well-known personalities are set to get married in 2017. While some of these are regular fixtures in Hollywood blockbusters, others lead less glamorous lives as chat show hosts having to endure some of life’s less than courteous individuals. With that in mind, here are five celeb weddings this year that will no doubt be covered by all the major newspapers. Pippa Middleton and James Matthews Pippa Middleton became known worldwide when her sister, Kate, wedded Prince William, making her the first commoner to wed British royalty. She will marry her fiancé, businessman James Matthews, on May 20 at St. Mark’s Church in Englefield, Berkshire. Compared to the royal wedding in 2011, this ceremony is expected to be a low-key affair, with 150 guests expected to attend, according to The Mirror. Prince George and Princess Charlotte, the children of Prince William and Kate, will serve as the page boy and flower girl, respectively. Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski  Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski made headlines last March when they eloped together. The news came as a surprise to their fans, despite the fact that The People previously reported their engagement last year. The two met when they worked together on the off-Broadway show “The Way We Get By” in 2015, although they became romantically involved one year later when they again collaborated on the film “The Last...

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