Author: Sandy Malone

Wedding Etiquette Alert: 6 Things Thou Shalt Not Do at Your Wedding

I’m not always a wedding etiquette stickler… but when I am, I have no problem issuing a list of things THOU SHALT NOT DO at a wedding. Usually, we’re talking about wedding guest manners. Or trying to keep the wedding party in line. But sometimes, my target is the bride and groom. Your wedding is not an opportunity to shame anybody, make a point, or ostracize someone who let you down during your wedding planning. You have to let it all go on the big day, put on a smile, and be gracious to everybody who attend. Here’s a...

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Fun DIY Place Card Ideas for Your Wedding Tables

Making something like a DIY place card is one of the easiest ways to personalize your wedding dinner tables. But you want to do it well, Not everybody chooses to have place cards at their wedding reception, and that’s perfectly okay. But if your guests were able to choose their entrees or desserts or anything else in advance, assigned seating makes dinner service significantly easier for your servers. I’d highly recommend doing place cards to make any non-buffet dinner service for more than 20 guests go smoothly. Place Cards and Escort Cards Most brides don’t know the difference between...

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Make a Mother’s Day Commitment Not to Be Bridezilla

If you’ve read my book, or followed my blogs for long, you know that I honestly admit I was the original Bridezilla. No, they didn’t put me on TV for that (thank God!), but I demonstrated all the worst characteristics. I controlled everything. I was bossy. I forgot that everybody else in my wedding party had real lives as I planned way too many wedding events for everybody. And had a destination wedding one Saturday, and a black-tie massive reception back in DC a week later. Oh yeah, I was a nightmare bride even though my wedding was beautiful. Despite...

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Adding a DIY Touch to Your Destination Wedding

Tina and Melissa want to DIY a lot of the parts of their big day when they hired me to plan their destination wedding on Vieques Island in October. They’re both good organizers, and crafty, but they needed somebody to put together the wedding they envisioned thousands of miles away from home. They’re the kind of women who would have planned their own wedding if they’d been getting married at home. But because they lived in Las Vegas, they opted to turn over the heavy lifting to the professionals (that’s me and my team). But they still found a...

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Is It a Good Idea to Try to DIY Wedding Photography?

Choosing to DIY your wedding doesn’t me you have to do EVERYTHING yourself. You can pick and choose what parts and pieces you want to tackle, and those which you’re going to put into the hands of a competent professional. I did a Facebook LIVE in a bridal chat group about this topic the other night, and one of the biggest points I tried to make is that you will never regret putting money into professional photography. If you cannot afford a full day with a pro, see about getting them for a few hours for the ceremony and...

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