Author: Sandy Malone

How to Explain Your Vision of a Dream Wedding

What exactly is a “dream wedding?” I know it’s going to be hard to believe, but not every bride’s dream wedding involves six bridesmaids, endless toasts, and everyone she’s ever been friends with in attendance. No really, it’s true. That’s a myth perpetuated by the media. Reality TV shows about weddings wouldn’t be interesting if the brides were all stressed out about 10 guests. In fact, there are many brides who dream of an intimate wedding ceremony with only their fiancé, family, and best friends in attendance. These brides don’t aspire to a first dance that involves a flash...

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Can LipSense Actually Last Through a Wedding?

Have you ever been “encouraged” to purchase LipSense or other cosmetics online? You would have to live under a rock to avoid all the multi-level marketing products that your friends, and their friends, are marketing on social media. I’m sure there’s somebody you know who promises they can improve your body or life with LipSense, Rodan + Fields, Younique, It Works!, Scentsy, Mary Kay, LuLaRoe, and many, many more. No pressure, right? I try REALLY HARD to avoid all of these. Not because I don’t believe the products work, but because it means choosing WHICH friend I’m going to...

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5 Tips to Avoid Bachelorette Party Planning Drama

My bachelorette party, more than 13 years ago, looked like something out of a bad movie. One of my maids of honor hosted a lingerie shower that afternoon, with only my bridal party in attendance, and then the debauchery began. There were a lot of champagne cocktails, inappropriate gifts, and a really bad stripper dressed as a pizza guy. I vaguely recall going to a nightclub downtown, wearing a veil and proudly carrying a four-foot inflatable penis. We danced til the club closed, but goofed and got the car caught in a parking garage, so my fiancé had to...

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Why Brides Are Not Entitled to a Bridal Shower

There seems to be a lot of confusion about what modern brides are entitled to have as part of their wedding festivities, including the etiquette surrounding bridal showers. I’m going to attempt to demystify the process here, and stop a few brides from giving their guests something to snark about. Many modern brides don’t think of their wedding as just one main event, bracketed by a rehearsal dinner and maybe a farewell brunch. Some girls have figured out a way to extend the bridal experience for months, simply by packing in additional mandatory activities that were always considered gracious extras...

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The Difference Between Wedding Traditions and Wedding Etiquette

There is a HUGE difference between something that is a wedding “tradition” and something that is wedding “etiquette.” And yet, there seem to be many, many brides who treat the two terms as interchangeable. Just so we’re not leaving this open to my interpretation of the facts, let’s review what Merriam-Webster says about it: Tradition – the handing down of information, beliefs or customs from one generation to another (synonyms include custom, practice, convention, ritual observance, way, usage, habit, institution). Etiquette – the conduct or procedure required by good breeding or prescribed by authority to be observed in social...

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