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Whether you’re planning your destination wedding, or deciding where to celebrate your honeymoon after you’ve survived the big day, Sandy will help make your experience stress-free.

Wedding planning services vary from helping you with all the pre-planning details, including assisting with travel and accommodations for you and your guests as necessary, to handling all the details on the day of your ceremony and reception.

We help you find and vet the best vendors to service your event, help you maintain a wedding budget spreadsheet so you can make educated planning decisions, and take responsibility the week of your wedding for keeping all the trains running on time and making sure the vendors bring their “A-game” every time. Our goal is to have our brides and groom be the “guests of honor” rather than the hosts and hostesses at their own weddings.

Sandy can take responsibility for as many things as you wish to turn over to her, including booking an officiant, coordinating your paperwork, assisting in the selection of your wedding venue, and coordinating all of the vendors you’ll need to pull off the vision you have of your wedding day. Sandy helps all her brides and grooms create weddings that reflect their individual taste and style.

We can also help create welcome bags and receptions favors, if those are things you’d like to do. If you choose to DIY wedding centerpieces, or any other aspects of your wedding décor, Sandy can direct you around the common pitfalls, and save you lots of wasted time. She specializes in helping her wedding couples create a fantastic weekend for their guests, including rehearsal dinners and farewell brunch activities if those are things you want to include. It can be as low-key or extravagant as you and your fiancé imagine. Our job is to facilitate the special day you’ve both been dreaming of all of your lives.

Sandy’s Favorite Caribbean Wedding Destinations

Vieques Destination Wedding Planner - Sandy Malone

Vieques, Puerto Rico

This tiny island located seven miles off the coast of Puerto Rico is where Sandy got her start in destination wedding planning. You may have seen it featured on her TLC reality show “Wedding Island.” Home to miles of pristine Caribbean beaches, thousands of wild horses, and the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world, Vieques is growing in popularity as a wildly romantic Caribbean destination wedding hotspot. It’s known as the “Jewel of the Spanish Virgin Islands.”

Culebra Destination Wedding Planner - Sandy Malone

Culebra, Puerto Rico

Culebra Island is famous worldwide for its beautiful Flamenco Beach. Shaped like a horseshoe, with a lovely little marina in its popular safe harbor Ensenada Honda, Culebra is popular with wedding couples who have a special affinity for boating. Day trips to the little islands surrounding Culebra are a popular activity for wedding groups. The island is home to a few boutique hotels and Jimmy Buffet-esque guest houses, and many lovely private villas.  


St. Croix Destination Wedding Planner

St. Croix

St. Croix is a tiny rock just a 30 minute flight from Puerto Rico, and reachable via direct flight from several U.S. cities. The perfect combination modern luxury and Caribbean history is available for your wedding guests. And there are countless beautiful wedding venues with spectacular views of its tropical rainforest and turquoise blue waters. All your wedding guests will love visiting the Buck Island reef, the only underwater national monument in the United States. And your wedding party shouldn’t miss paying a visit to the beer-drinking pigs at the Domino Club. Great photo opp! 

Nevis Destination Wedding Planner - Sandy Malone


Nevis Island is internationally recognized as one of the most romantic islands in the world. Made famous by Princess Diana in the 1980s, Nevis is home to five exquisitely-preserved sugar plantations that have become some of the most elegant and beautiful boutique hotels and inns in the Caribbean. The birthplace of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton also features the remains of the first spa in the Caribbean, and the first integrated church in the western hemisphere. It’s also easy to daytrip to its sister island of St. Kitts, just two miles across the calm blue water.

Honeymoon Planning

If your wedding is planned and you don’t even want to contemplate fine-tuning your own honeymoon, Sandy has recommendations for the best Caribbean honeymoon destinations, including what’s cheap, and what’s luxurious, depending on what you can afford. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your honeymoon if you plan with an expert.

What Kind of Budget Do I Need?

Sandy works with brides and grooms who have all different sizes of guest lists and budgets. She’ll help you figure out how many guests you can afford to have at the venue you’ve chosen, after she helps you decide which boutique hotel or all-inclusive resort best suits your budget. She’ll help you budget for the absolute necessities and try to keep you from spending on things you don’t really need. She’ll give you DIY wedding ideas to help save money on welcome gifts, wedding décor, and more. Her goal is to plan fabulous events for happy clients who want to refer her to other friends – not send you off on your honeymoon in debt for the next two years. She’s a wedding planner willing to work with both budget and luxury wedding requests. And she’s realistic about what you get for your money at the best Caribbean wedding destinations, and what’s not included at the cheapest wedding destinations.

At the end of the day, you’re the wedding couple and you can spend what you like. But if you want Sandy to play “Budget Nazi” for you, she’s willing to wear that hat, too. She’ll tell you to DIY wedding invitations but hire professional wedding vendors for the most important elements like wedding photography and wedding reception catering. Her clients say her direct approach makes decision-making much easier for them.

Get Started

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