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DIY Wedding Cakes and Desserts Ideas

Only a DIY bride and groom with some pastry experience should put themselves under the pressure of committing to make their own wedding cake. I have a girlfriend who is an award-winning pastry chef, and she was still decorating cupcakes in a chaotic state the morning of her wedding.

Sure, you can give it a shot well in advance, and see how it turns out. It might be great, and a fun project with your fiancé, if you’ll both have time to tackle it again during your wedding week. But make certain you have a cool place to store the cake once it’s completely finished, and an easy way to transport it, because it will have to be made ahead of time. You don’t want to make something that requires more decorating work after you’ve set it up, because that’s when you’ll be getting beautiful for your trip down the aisle.

Some couples opt to skip the big formal wedding cake, in lieu of a dessert bar. You can always have a tiny cutting cake for picture purposes, but not to serve to your guests.

DIY Wedding Cakes / Desserts

Many treats that appear on a dessert bar (cake pops, chocolate truffles, cheesecake bites, mini fruit tarts, cream puffs) can be prepared several days in advance. Fresh fruit items can be finished a day ahead (think fruit ball skewers and chocolate dipped strawberries).

One bride offered a cheesecake display featuring seven different flavors of cheesecake, and yet another did a pie-stravaganza, for her Thanksgiving weekend wedding. Cheesecakes and most kinds of pie can be made several days in advance and taste fabulous on the wedding day.

Sandy Malone  > DIY Wedding Ideas  > DIY Wedding Cakes