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There are lots of ways to make your own centerpieces, it just depends on what your tables need. Do you have enough lighting at the venue, or do you actually need to have candles to light up dinner in a backyard tent or for cocktails on an outside terrace?  Following are a few budget-savvy centerpiece basics that we see used over and over again. The neat thing is that you can put your own twist on all of them.

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Mason Jars

DIY wedding centerpieces ideas - Mason Jars

The darned things just won’t go away. Most wedding planners and décor companies have a mad stash in every size imaginable. But they’re an easy starting point for a DIY centerpiece. You can put colorful candles inside, and wrap them with ribbons or burlap (oh God, burlap… another wedding décor element that just won’t go away). If you’re going uber rustic, consider using burlap table runners on top of your linens at long tables, and run alternating mason jars with candles and baby’s breath in them. Avoid using burlap as an actual tablecloth – it’s itchy and it smells funny.


Cylinder Vases

DIY Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

You can use them so many ways, and they’re not expensive to buy. Especially if you’re looking for an interesting variety of sizes. If you put one stem of flowers in a vase of almost any shape, it looks like you forgot the rest of the arrangement. When you put one long stem of orchids in a cylinder vase alone, it’s elegant, sophisticated, and chic. Filling the vase with orchid blossoms, and sinking a white underwater LED light in the bottom creates a totally different vibe. And you can always just put candles in them, in clusters or as stand-alones, to add light to an area or fill an empty space.



DIY Wedding Centerpieces Ideas - Driftwood

Don’t go hunting for it, you can buy it now at craft stores. Then you’ll decorate it with silk flowers, lights, seashells, or whatever else suits your fancy. There are seven million ideas on Pinterest. If you’re using live flowers (orchids are always popular and hold up well to a hot glue gun… not kidding), you won’t be able to assemble them til the morning of the wedding, or everything will die before your guests sit down to dinner. But if you have your supplies and the glue gun ready to go, it doesn’t take long.


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