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DIY Wedding Place Cards Ideas

One of the easiest wedding details to personalize are your dinner placecards with your guests’ names and table assignments. Lots of couples like to have the table number signs (some couples name their tables after cities they’ve visited or musicians they love) match the color, font and design of the placecards since they’ll all be occupying the same table space eventually.

DIY Wedding Placecards / Table Numbers Ideas

I love the creativity of using something natural in your theme, like starfish, and attaching an attractive nametag using your wedding colors. You can easily keep it inexpensive and crafty, or go elegant and sophisticated with something like place cards cut from maps of places you’ve visited, or of your wedding destination.

Don’t try to personalize the placecards so much that you create a total headache for yourselves. I’ve had several couples use small picture frames that held a picture of themselves with each individual guest. The problem is that if you don’t already have those pictures of just the two of you with each guest, it’s a lot of work to get them all ahead of the wedding. There’s ALWAYS a few that don’t get done and then you’ll have a few that look different from the others, whether you substitute a picture of them alone, or write their name inside the frame.

Sandy Malone  > DIY Wedding Ideas  > DIY Wedding Place Cards