In an effort to head off what they say is a total #bridepocalypse, wedding gown design company Floravere is giving away 50 wedding gowns FREE to Alfred Angelo Bridal victims.

Floravere, a luxury, direct-to-bride wedding dress designer known for their usage of exceptional silk and lace from around the world, will give away 50 wedding gowns that are samples from their first two collections. They’re also offering 30% off for brides who want to choose something from their current line.

Lots of brides who have lost their dresses (and their money), thanks to Alfred Angelo’s colossally unprofessional handling of their bankruptcy last week, have complained about having to start the dress shopping process over at this point. Nevermind the money – because nobody can afford to buy two wedding gowns and everybody is going to have to beg, borrow and steal to pay for another dress –  brides either don’t have the time, or can’t stomach putting themselves through what isn’t the easiest process in the world for many, many women. Floravere hopes to help reduce the stress with their online selection process that lets brides order their gowns online and receive available dresses within five weeks.

All the dresses currently available in the giveaway are featured here on this page – and all of the dresses are available in bridal sizes 4 and 10. Dresses can be altered to fit perfectly. All brides with an unfulfilled receipt from Alfred Angelo Bridal are eligible to win one of the 50 wedding dresses.

To register to win a free wedding gown from the collection posted on this page, brides should go to the #bridepocalypse link here, and enter their name and email address. Floravere will reach out to you QUICKLY to find out which style you favored, and what size you THINK you are (they’ll want some real measurements). If you’re a match, they’ll give you dress style options, and dress you for the big day, if you can provide proof you were an Alfred Angelo Bridal wedding gown victim. Gowns will be given out on a first-come, first-serve basis based on availability of appropriate sizes.

Countless wedding dress vendors have stepped up to the plate, offering discounts on wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses. Oh yes, bridesmaids and mothers of the bride are feeling the sting of Alfred Angelo’s bankruptcy, too. Several independent bridal shops are giving away a free sample gown to a disappointed Alfred Angelo bride in their community. But no bridal designer or vendor has made a commitment to the bridal community of this size – Floravere is the only designer gifting 50 wedding gowns to random desperate brides. Wow!

Just to be clear – I’m not being compensated for promoting this giveaway. I was simply blown away by Floravere’s generosity, and I wanted to share it with as many brides as possible. So please share this in your own bridal groups, tweet it, and blast it out all over social media. The brides who need the help the most may not be the ones who have been ranting online, so if you know somebody left naked by Alfred Angelo Bridal, be sure to let them know about this.

I do realize that there are limited sizes available, and some of you are disappointed. I wouldn’t be able to take advantage of this cool offer because I’m plus-size. But do not despair. There are an unbelievable number of larger brides (brides of ALL sizes actually) who are offering their own wedding gowns as gifts or loans to Alfred Angelo Bridal victims. I’ll be posting a blog with more information about that shortly. But for now, share this information with all the brides you know.

It’s okay to freak out if you’ve lost your wedding gown because of this mess, but only freak out briefly. Then pull it together, straighten out your tiara, and figure out what you’re going to wear to look absolutely amazing on your wedding day. You do have options. Because this is a national bridal tragedy, there are multiple resources available for brides who need to borrow, buy at a discount, or even rent their wedding gowns on short notice.

Good luck and happy wedding planning!