If you’ve read my book, or followed my blogs for long, you know that I honestly admit I was the original Bridezilla. No, they didn’t put me on TV for that (thank God!), but I demonstrated all the worst characteristics. I controlled everything. I was bossy. I forgot that everybody else in my wedding party had real lives as I planned way too many wedding events for everybody. And had a destination wedding one Saturday, and a black-tie massive reception back in DC a week later. Oh yeah, I was a nightmare bride even though my wedding was beautiful.

Despite my occasional tantrums, nasty words, and failure to listen to what was actually good advice, my mother hung in there with me. When nothing was going right at the last minute, she stayed up half the night before my wedding stamping seashells on programs with my godmother, and steaming the wrinkles out of a cathedral length veil. My mom is awesome. I only wish I’d appreciated her as much during my wedding and I do now. But at least she knows I feel that way.

I wrote a blog warning other brides not to be a Bridezilla to their mothers during the planning and I hope you’ll check it out here in The Huffington Post. If you’re engaged and already in combat with mom, it’s not too late to back up and start fresh. Trust me, you’ll have so many great memories of laughing through the planning and the wedding day if you adjust your attitude now. I sort of want to have a vow renewal in a few years just to do it again right with my mom. We’re going to sit back and do nothing ourselves, while we laugh about what we did last time.

The blog has some great tips from renowned relationship experts Elizabeth Carroll and Dr. Jane Greer

– give it a read. This is how you DIY your wedding planning the fun way.

Until next time, happy wedding planning!