The fact of the matter is that lots of people have been writing about, and speculating about, weed at weddings since the first states began legalizing recreational use a few years ago. The Daily Beast was one of the first. There are places where it’s not uncommon to see pot being smoked just like a cigarette, standing in a group of friends. But for the rest of us, it’s still pretty weird to see.

For wedding vendors, and the venues who host and service weddings, dealing with marijuana-themed wedding trends is a new business, and it’s tricky as hell.

I went to Denver on a wedding planning trip a few months ago, and I talked to a lot of hotels, venues, and planners who are really struggling with the liability piece of how to handle the new trend. Just like alcohol, if something bad happens to somebody at your establishment because of anything they consumed there, the venue can be held responsible.

For now, the best pot tents and favor tables will be found at weddings held in private venues. Check out my blog in BRIDES today to hear more about what brides and grooms are doing once they’ve invited Mary Jane to their weddings.

Until next time, happy wedding planning planning. And Happy Cinco de Mayo!