From the moment we were engaged, we knew that we wanted to be married in Vieques. When it came down to actually making that dream a reality, we entrusted Sandy & her team with the task. I spent a little over a year planning my wedding with Sandy.

A year is a long time to spend with someone through conference calls & emails but Sandy made it effortless. Every step of the way, she guided, reassured, then reassured again. I am, personally, not good a handing over the reins & relinquishing control to another person, but I always knew that I was in good hands. This became more true than ever when we needed to change our reception venue in the months leading up to the big day.

Instead of dropping the bomb, & letting me worry, Sandy came to me with the news… & the solution. Her recommended fix turned out to be better than we could have imagined (&an opportunity that never would have come about without her help). Fast forward through many more productive calls & emails to the wedding itself. Our wedding festivities opened with a welcome “happy hour” at a local bar. When the bar staff proved too lean to accommodate our crowd, Sandy put in a call to the owner who was onsite to support within minutes. The next day we had our beach party & Sandy & her team executed without fail, even making beer runs to replenish the beverages.

The true test came on our actual wedding day. The forecast called for rain, and lots of it. We did not plan for nor anticipate our BEACH wedding getting rained out (especially considering the island had been DRY for months leading up to our big day). Sandy followed my requests and waited until the last possible minute before informing me that we needed to execute Plan B. Luckily, Plan B went off without a hitch.

Our wedding was fabulous, beautiful, and the best time of our lives. 2 months later & people have been raving about it ever since. I wish this allowed me more space to share every detail of my experience but I have reached my word limit 🙁

Jacquie Kraft, married in a wedding planned by Sandy Malone on November 7, 2014