My husband and I are from Iowa and we thought a destination wedding to Vieques would be perfect for us.  We had never been to the island and knew absolutely nothing about Vieques other than it was breathtakingly beautiful.  We decided to get married at the W Retreat and Spa – without a wedding planner.  As suggested by the W, we chose Sandy Malone to provide flowers for our special day.  Our flower was the ivory mini calla lily and Sandy made beautiful bouquets and boutonnieres wrapped with ivory lace.  The flowers were delivered to my room on time and the flowers held for the entire day.  Believe it or not, this is NOT why I fell in love with Sandy and her services!

This is why I fell in love with Sandy and her services.

One month before the wedding I contacted Sandy because my husband and I were having trouble figuring out how to obtain a marriage license in Puerto Rico.  For MONTHS my husband contacted locals, and called the demographic office for answers; however, there was so much conflicting information that I finally threw my hands in the air and asked for Sandy’s help.  Sandy knew exactly what needed to be done.  She had an easy-to-understand list of all the documents we needed to bring with us to the island in order to get married, she found us a minister, and after many weeks of dealing with the demographic office (which was to be closed the week of our wedding due to the staff taking a vacation) she set up an appointment for us to go pick up our marriage license.  As if that wasn’t enough, Sandy and one of her awesome interns picked my husband and I up at the resort and drove us to the demographic office; along the way she taught us about the island!  So now you’re thinking about how awesome Sandy Malone is, but WAIT!  THERE IS MORE!  Because of Sandy’s connections, our paperwork was done immediately and we were able to bypass the line.  While our paperwork was being processed, Sandy talked and laughed with my husband and I, which made the trip to the office enjoyable.  My husband and I are now just waiting on the marriage license to arrive in the mail, but it has been sent, and I know if anything goes wrong with regards to receiving it Sandy Malone will take care of it!

There is no doubt in my mind that without Sandy my husband and I would not have been legally married in Puerto Rico.  Both her and her team are amazing and I was honored to work with them!  I would highly recommend her to anyone getting married in Vieques.  As my mom says, “Sandy Malone: Extraordinaire!”

Courtney and Ryan Nieland, married in a wedding planned by Sandy Malone on August 6, 2014