When we decided to have a destination wedding, we knew right away that we would need some help – my husband and I are both in surgical residency programs and work 80+ hours a week, not to mention we live in different states and nowhere near Vieques!

Sandy was fabulous when it came to working with our hectic schedules to find time for planning calls. We didn’t get to see the majority of the decor until the day of the wedding, but between emails and phone calls describing exactly what we wanted, she managed make our dreams into reality.

Once we were on the island, we were able to relax and enjoy our wedding without a worry in the world, since Sandy had everything taken care of – even the weather! (It rained on our wedding day right up until the time of the ceremony, but I didn’t even get anxious… Sandy and her team reassured me that my beach ceremony would be beautiful and it was; it wasn’t until after the wedding that I found out her team was tracking the storm with radar and found the perfect break in the rain to make our barefoot-on-our-favorite-beach dreams come true! 🙂

Maya Figueroa, married in a wedding planned by Sandy Malone on May 16, 2015