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Sarah McKeon & Gregory Lehrer

We had the wedding of our dreams on Vieques – and it was all thanks to Sandy Malone and her awesome husband, Bill. When we started talking about having a destination wedding, we didn’t know what island we wanted to go to but we had 3 criteria – it couldn’t be at a super resort, we had to be able to customize every aspect of the day to our liking, and we wanted to be married on a beach. So we hit the web and happened upon the Sandy’s website. We liked what we saw and sent in a...

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Andrea Kennedy and Joerg Tilly

We were entertaining the thought of a small Texas Hill Country wedding when we were inspired at the last minute to go somewhere tropical and exotic. Since my sons, which did not have passports, were attending the ceremony, we needed to limit down our destinations to US territories. We had checked out the main island of Puerto Rico but came across Vieques by chance. Next thing – we were booking a flight and making arrangements and were calling around for lodging, wedding planner, photography, etc. We came across contact information for Sandy and called her desperately seeking her help due to the closeness of our arrival. She contacted our lodging and arranged for us to stay at a gorgeous guest house while coordinating for us our minister and photographer for the wedding. The next week we were there and everything went smooth. Her recommendations for the minister were awesome – very sweet person who also showed us around some of the beaches and helped us with the marriage license part before the ceremony. The photographer was very nice and very professional – who did a wonderful job considering our young boys running every which way all over the beach. We had a wonderful experience and without Sandy‘s help – it would have been very difficult to know where to go and who to contact from here. She helped make...

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