Did you buy your wedding gown from an Alfred Angelo bridal salon? They are closing the doors on all of the stores at 9 pm tonight. The company hasn’t put out a statement yet (as of posting time), but they’ve met with all their sales associates and told them the bad news. They also told their bridal consultants not to contact their bridal clients. WTF??? Right? I just can’t…

Social media is going nuts!

So if you purchased a gown from ANY Alfred Angelo location anywhere in the United States, run – don’t walk – to the store right now and ask for your dress. Brides are reporting all over social media that if they have your dress, they’ll give it to you. Some of them didn’t even have to pay the balance due – likely because sales associates have consciences, unlike the company’s owners.

And some of the stores are ALREADY CLOSED DOWN without any warning to their clients!

They’re not answering phones at the corporate offices, or on their customer service lines. Most of the individual stores have the phone off the hook, too, according to brides who have been in the stores claiming their wedding gowns today. There’s nothing on their website.

They haven’t done anything to contact brides who have ordered dresses, recently or months ago! Even those clutching receipts showing they’ve made deposits or paid in full. Supposedly the company has declared bankruptcy. That means that unless you have wedding insurance that covers your gown, you could be joining a long list of creditors to whom Alfred Angelo owes money to in their alleged Chapter 7 filings.

The media is starting to report on this, although everybody is kinda stuck since the store won’t release any information, even to the press (Yes, I tried contacting their media relations person and had as much success as a bride trying to hunt down her gown with them on the phone today).

As anybody whose been wedding gown shopping in the past 10 years knows, Alfred Angelo gowns have been VERY popular and they’re everywhere. No word on what’s going to happen to dresses ordered through independent bridal shops that carry the line yet, but I wouldn’t wait around to be contacted if I were a bride who had ordered one. Call your bridal associate today and find out whether you need to get your butt in there and choose another dress, or if the gown has been delivered already.

There are rumors (in bridal Facebook groups) that some brides are trying to pick up dresses but the seamstresses won’t release them because they haven’t been paid by Alfred Angelo. One bride said that she was able to pay off the seamstress holding her dress hostage directly  – but that’s certainly not a best-case scenario, nor will it work for everybody who is in this pickle.

Good luck and happy wedding planning! Remember, don’t freak out completely til you know you have a problem. Then you have permission to freak out tonight, because tomorrow you have to start wedding dress shopping.