In my head, destination wedding couples who live on the East Coast choose the Caribbean, and brides and grooms on the West Coast go to Hawaii. But I was wrong in that assumption, as I quickly learned when I first started wedding planning. In fact, the early years brought me far more clients traveling to Puerto Rico from California than I would have ever anticipated, even in the most optimistic way.

Why is that? There are several reasons, and they’re all in my BRIDES blog that explores the phenomenon in more details. Except it’s not really a phenomenon – when you think about it, it makes complete sense.

Sun Bay Beach, Vieques Island, Puerto Rico – Photo credit: Sandy Malone

And on that note, I was just noticing how insanely cheap airfares to the Caribbean are from May through November? Yes, there’s hurricane season to consider. But in truth, you really onl yhave to worry about potential lousy weather from August into October. The hassle of hurricane season is more about having your flight rerouted even though your destination is completely unaffected by the weather happening elsewhere.

Check out my blog and find out why, all other things considered equal (both have tropical beaches, rain forests, volcanoes, and pineapples), more U.S. wedding couples prefer wedding destinations in the Caribbean over the Hawaiian islands.

Until next time, happy wedding planning! And happy #TravelTuesday!