It’s is Police Week, and today is National Peace Officers’ Memorial Day. Never heard of it? You’re not alone. But you’ve probably heard about them lighting the White House up in BLUE tonight.

I am a cop wife. I am unapologeticly pro-police. And it’s terrified me to watch what the last administration did to undermine respect and authority of police officers, nationwide.

Today, President Trump spoke to law enforcement officers from all over the country, and reiterated a bunch of promises he made during the campaign. Social media was all atwitter with the news that he was going to light up the White House blue tonight, a request that President Obama actually denied last year after all those officers were murdered in Dallas.

But making the White House blue has a much deeper meaning that most people would understand – to the police family, it’s a symbol. It’s a sign of things to come. It’s a promise.

Please read and share my blog in The Huffington Post today – yes, HuffPost is carrying my  pro-police column, complimenting President Trump’s support for law enforcement. So you’d better check out while it’s still up there!