Hey Brides and Grooms!

I’m doing a DIY Wedding Dos and Don’ts Facebook LIVE session on #WeddingWednesday, May 3rd on the crazy-popular bridal chat group I’m Engaged! What Now? You have to join the group to participate, so go request membership now so you can be approved before 8 tonight!

Not only will I be dispensing invaluable DIY wedding planning information (cuz you know I like to babble), but I’m also giving away MORE THAN $2,000 IN FREE WEDDING STUFF!

Yes, you read that correctly. It’s an opportunity to join a Facebook group with 11,000 other brides-to-be, all sharing wedding ideas and drama on a Facebook group, and to win prizes totaling $2,080 (to be exact).

What kind of stuff can you win? I’m not giving it all away, but I’ll tell you a few things.

The LEAST expensive item on the list is my own book How to Plan Your Own Destination Wedding

 – a signed copy!

I’ve also got FOUR prizes that were provided by reality TV stars you probably know. Hint Hint: One of them was a REAL Bridezilla.

But there’s lots more cool stuff! And this gets you connected with a fantastic wedding chat group with 11,000 members.

Hope I’ll see you tonight at 8 pm Eastern on I’m Engaged! What Now?

Happy wedding planning!